– International guitar competition, 2022.



PANČEVO, February, 26thand 27th2022.


  1. Pančevo International Guitar Competition is organised by Music school “Jovan Bandur” in Pančevo on February, 26th and 27th
  2. The organizer forms the Organizing Committee, propositions and categories of the competition, conditions for application, determines the composition and work of the jury, the method of scoring and the method of awarding
  3. The competition is intended for students of primary and secondary music schools, from Serbia and abroad.
  4. Competitors are divided into five categories:
Categories of Primary schoolsProgram
First categoryFirst classAt least two compositions of different character for up to 4 minutes.
Second class
Second categoryThird classAt least two compositions of different character for up to 6 minutes.
Fourth class
Third categoryFifth classAt least two compositions of different character for up to 8 minutes.
Sixth class


Categories of Secondary schoolsProgram
Fourth categoryFirst classAt least two compositions of different character for up to 12 minutes
Second class
Fifth categoryThird classAt least two compositions of different character for up to 15 minutes
Fourth class



A competitor may change one of the announced compositions if the change is reported before the start of the competition in the category in which the competitor is performing and if the members of the jury agree with the change.

5.       The jury of the competition is determined by the Organizer, and it consists of the president of the jury, the secretary and two members of the jury.


Prof. Aleksandar Hadzi Đorđević – president of the Jury

Relja Trudić

Nenad Petrović

President of the jury:

– monitors whether the evaluation of each member of the jury is performed according to the

evaluation rules and is not obliged to intervene in case of deviations and irregularities.

-determines the list of results of competitors in a certain category with the expressed points and the

won prize and place, which he confirms with his signature.

-Proposes Laureate competitions for each category.


Jury Secretary:

– reviews the entries of competitors and determines compliance with the Rules of the competition

– returns incomplete and incorrectly filled in applications for correction or amendment;

– convenes the members of the jury and introduces them to the Rules of Procedure of the competition

and the jury

– attends the sessions of the jury during the entire competition;

– on the basis of score lists, calculates the average, final grade for the competitor.

– in agreement with the president of the jury, supervises and manages the performances of the


-announces the performances of the candidates and gives a signal for the beginning of the


-collects completed points lists from the members of the jury, after the end of the whole


-if he informs the president of the jury about the organizing committee before the irregularities.

-After the end of the competition category, he submits to the Organizing Committee all the minutes,

individual and summary points lists signed by all members of the jury.


Jury members:

-evaluate participants and ensembles from 0-100

– they also fill in the signed points lists and hand them over to the secretary of the jury

-react in case of irregularities

– A member of the jury does not evaluate: his student – candidate; the candidate with whom he is related – in such a case, instead of a member of the jury, the candidate is evaluated by the secretary of the jury.


  1. Competitors are awarded prizes for the following:

I prize – 90-100 points

II prize – 80-89.99 points

III prize – 70-79.99 points

Commendation – 60-69.99 points

The results will be published at the end of each category.

The number of prizes is not limited.

The jury can award the LAUREAT for each category to the most successful.


Professors are awarded diplomas for pedagogical results.

Jury members are awarded a letter of thanks for participating in the work of the jury and contributing to the Pancevo International Guitar Competition.

  1. Applications sent after February 10, 2022 will not be accepted. You can download the application for the competition here

Send the application electronically to e-mail: jbandur.takmicenje@gmail.com with a subject – for the Pancevo International Guitar Competition

  1. Apart from the application form, the competitors must also submit:
  • Scanned proof of donation payment per application in the amount:

primary school categories – 3000 dinars per application;

high school categories – 3500 dinars per application;

donation for Pancevo International Guitar Competition

for MS “Jovan Bandur” Pančevo, Živojina Mišića 3;

the account number of the school: 840-305666-71

  • Scanned scores
  • Parents agree with giving application, to have names and photos and results of their children published.


If the competitors decide to cancel their application the fee will not be refunded.

Competitors from abroad have the option of paying their donation fee after arrival to Pančevo.

  1. The organizer has the right to record, copy and broadcast the programme.
  2. The competitors will pay all their expenses during their stay in Pančevo.